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Why Enhanced Social Features from SharePoint 2010?

This community project was born to improve and extend Social features of SharePoint 2010. The idea is to make available to the community an extensible set of features, not the classic back box. There are already so many of them!

To realize this project I want to make sure that the incubation and evolution of the ideas come from needs reported by people. Make a social project involving the community. Feedback will be important and will be as indicators like how many people will want to participate actively (I mean not only developers but at all levels) but reading various posts around there are several requests, suggestions and ideas. I cannot do the social alone! :)
It would be interesting to set up an environment where people rate the features to achieve and those that get the most votes will be evaluated to technical lead to be implemented.

Good luck to Enhanced Social Features from SharePoint 2010-Community Project

If you want to take part to this project please contact me via twitter @marcorizzi. I'm happy to share and support idea, enhancement, bug, ecc...

ESF for SP 2010 has not been released yet!

Key Features (currently planned)

  • Activity feed aggregator
  • Profile completeness

Supported Environment

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

About the Authors

Marco Rizzi is working as a SharePoint Specialist in Avanade Italy. He is focused on social computing, large intranet/internet portal and ecollaboration solution. Also my interest area of SharePoint are on requirements engineering, architecture, development and quality assurance.


For more information about myself, please see the following resources:

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